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Handy Alarm Pro : Another step forward from Handy Alarm!

Well, yesterday, Epocware (yes again) announced their next application upgrade, the new Handy Alarm Pro! We all know Handy Alarm as classical alarm application (classical because most of latest nokia devices offer a “complete” alarm solution), so, a nice move was made by Epocware by releasing the first beta of HAPro. Why?

Because the application includes new features like :

1.Reminders view

  • Voice notes
  • Scheduled call
  • SMS reminder

2. New alarm types
3. Improved settings
4. Integration with Handy Shell

In this mini review i’ll focus on Reminders view/Feature :

Lately, Epocware is coming up with some good ideas…this feature enable you to add alarms and insert (from) a range of things (no, this is not like Active Notes)… by pressing “new reminder“,  a popup displays 5 choices :

– Simple : To creat a simple reminder (time, date, text <where you can add a note>)

Contact : To add a reminder for a contact from your contact list (also you can add a note) :

So, for example, we can call or sms directly the contact :

Phone Number : same as above, enables you to add reminder for a number that doesn’t exist in your contact list.

Voice note : Another interesting feature, it enables you to record a voice note instead of text note which is faster and more productive !

Only *.amr extension is supported (for the moment), well, this is not a big problem i guess…

From SMS : somebody sent you a message that contains something important? or simply you’d like to make reminder note from this message? no Problem, “from sms” feature can do this !

Note : before each alarm, the screen lights up a few seconds (bug or feature?) 😉

–> The last thing i’ll cover in this mini review is the integration with Handy Shell, it means that you can use HAP as your default alarm application when using HS !

What i don’t like :

– Alarm is not working when phone is off, because, technically it’s restricted by Nokia 😦

Download it !

NB : The app is still on its early beta so stay tuned !


Handy Shell ! The ultimate replacement of standard S60 active standby?

Well, recently, Epocware has released a “powerful” replacement of symbian standard active standby. it’s all about Handy Shell ! it allows you to carry out most common everyday operations quick and handy.

The application has 3views : Today (standby) view, Applications view and Contacts view !

–> Today view : allows you to get information about your phone settings, ongoing calendar events, calls diary (missed calls by default), sms (received by default), e-mails, weather forecast (Handy Weather v.6 or higher), and provides with application shortcuts with the help of different plugins. there are 6 types of plugins:

– Clock Plugin
– App Shortcucts Plugin
– Phone Indicators & Settings
– Calendar Plugin
– Weather Plugin

Each plugin can be moved, edited and removed ! (options –> parameters –> plugins –> options)

–> Applications view : Allows you to acces quickly to your favorite 12 applications and also we can move, edit and remove any apllication ! (options –> shortcuts)

–> Contacts view : The same as the applications view, it allows you to sms or dial 12 of your prefered contacts (Thumbnails are supported), no stress, you can of course move, edit and remove any corresponding contact shortcuts ! Also you can define a default action when you select a contact (call, send SMS) or choose a prefered number to dial when contact has more than one number (work, home etc.)

–> that’s not all ! we have two more features (views) !

Speed Dial or Start option/view ! all you’ve to do is to start typing to invoke Instant key-and-find view, This view searches through available applications to start or contacts to dial. If no applications or contacts meet search criteria, it simultaneously suggests you to dial, add or sms corresponding number, just like SkyeQuiKey or the recently released T9 Nav.

– Also, the application includes a part of Handy Taskman 😉

–> Notes : To switch between HS and the traditional Standby screen, all you have to do is to press the red key ! or press menu key (in rotation : traditional standby screen –> menu –> HS –> traditional ss and so on…), you can also define the rotation cycle, that’s great because we can remove selection from Active Standby, that leaves only Handy Shell and standard Menu in the cycle. 😉

– You can define wich view will be active; allow application to start automatically, automate de keylock…

What i don’t like :

– Doesn’t show a received file (message) via bluetooth (or infrared), except of the classic message icon on the top…

– Not compatible with Handy Calendar (for the moment).

– Doesn’t use standard S60 icons for some apps so i can’t easily find “what i’m looking for” !

– Default action (for the contacts view) limited (for the moment) at sms and call (email, mms etc. would be welcomed)

– Speed dial not working properly with AZERTY keys (tested on my E90).

– Be able to use more of the screen (especially on the inner screen of the E90) for calendar entries.

– Battery drains a lot faster when HS’s active (or the battery meter of Handy Shell is more accurate) !?

– Application plugin in Today view always contains 6 shortcuts (especially on the inner screen of the E90).

– No music player plugin (for the moment).

– Could we please change (remove) theme and profil shortcuts?

Download it !

  • Could it easily replace Tracker? Yes : more smooth, need less resources and designed more logically !
  • So, is Handy Shell the ultimate replacement of standard S60 active standby? For an E-Series phone : Almost ! for an N-Series (and others) : yes !
  • Is there other solution than using HS? Yes : Standard Active Standby + Smart Settings !

NB : The version that was tested : v1.0