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Handy Alarm Pro : Another step forward from Handy Alarm!

Well, yesterday, Epocware (yes again) announced their next application upgrade, the new Handy Alarm Pro! We all know Handy Alarm as classical alarm application (classical because most of latest nokia devices offer a “complete” alarm solution), so, a nice move was made by Epocware by releasing the first beta of HAPro. Why?

Because the application includes new features like :

1.Reminders view

  • Voice notes
  • Scheduled call
  • SMS reminder

2. New alarm types
3. Improved settings
4. Integration with Handy Shell

In this mini review i’ll focus on Reminders view/Feature :

Lately, Epocware is coming up with some good ideas…this feature enable you to add alarms and insert (from) a range of things (no, this is not like Active Notes)… by pressing “new reminder“,  a popup displays 5 choices :

– Simple : To creat a simple reminder (time, date, text <where you can add a note>)

Contact : To add a reminder for a contact from your contact list (also you can add a note) :

So, for example, we can call or sms directly the contact :

Phone Number : same as above, enables you to add reminder for a number that doesn’t exist in your contact list.

Voice note : Another interesting feature, it enables you to record a voice note instead of text note which is faster and more productive !

Only *.amr extension is supported (for the moment), well, this is not a big problem i guess…

From SMS : somebody sent you a message that contains something important? or simply you’d like to make reminder note from this message? no Problem, “from sms” feature can do this !

Note : before each alarm, the screen lights up a few seconds (bug or feature?) 😉

–> The last thing i’ll cover in this mini review is the integration with Handy Shell, it means that you can use HAP as your default alarm application when using HS !

What i don’t like :

– Alarm is not working when phone is off, because, technically it’s restricted by Nokia 😦

Download it !

NB : The app is still on its early beta so stay tuned !