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SymSMB 4.0 released !

After SymSMB 3.5 was released few months back, somebody said on some forum: “It would be an Application of the Year if only it could play files from network…”

Well, we are almost there. Why almost? Because we don’t have video player yet !

Here is a list of new features comparing to version 3.5:

  • Audio player to play back your audio (yes, and from Network too!).
  • Now you can open other files (except video) from Network as well (assuming you have some application installed which does know what to do with them). You can even modify the files and we will try to save your changes back to Network location.
  • options of auto connect (always, by SymSMB start and by connection to charger).
  • On protocol layer we have added so called “share-level security mode” support. In English this means better NAS drive support. If you have the one you had problem with SymSMB 3.5 – now is the time to try again.
  • Some IU improvements like filtering (try to type something you are looking for while staying in folder with hundreds of files or browsing Network with hundreds of servers).
  • By customer demand “Always Ask” Access Point is back.
  • This version is SymVPN ready. SymSVPN is PPTP VPN client for S60 which we are going to release soon. This 2 applications together will allow you to browse Remote Networks like your own local one.

Download it !


MiniServer: Download files to the mobile from your PC using WiFi!

Nop from atopo.net has created a little utility in order to transfer a SIS file from the PC over WLAN network, a quick and FREE solution (compared to SymSMB and its €24.95).
What it does is to scan a directory and serve a web page with the directory’s contents. All you have to do is point your mobile’s browser to the address shown (your PC’s address) and download the files you want! you can read more informations about that here

MailSpace v1.00

MailSpace is a freeware application developed by Budapest University’s Dept of Automation and Applied Informatics that allows you to map a POP3 server as if it were a local disk drive in the mobile device file system and upload and download files to and from it. You can upload files, view the stored files on the POP3 server and choose the required files to download.

The application uses SMTP to upload files to the POP3 server. Therefore, after the software is installed, the following details need to be specified in the Settings of the application:

-email address on which the mails should be stored
-address of the POP3 server for the email address
-username and password for the POP3 server (the username and the password belongs to the email address)

The review will be available shortly!

Download it! Download the user manual!