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Brain-controlled N95 8GB, Demonstrated By NeuroSky !

NeuroSky Inc, a venture company based in San Jose, Calif, prototyped a system that reads brain waves with a sensor and uses them for mobile phone applications !

By reading brain waves such as α and β waves, the system can roughly measure the degrees of brain’s relaxation and concentration, NeuroSky said. The data of brain waves can be displayed on the screen of a mobile phone by using a visualizer or can be used to control the movement of a video game character.

The demonstrated applications include:
(1) an application to show the degree of brain’s relaxation on the screen of a mobile phone by using a visualizer
(2) an application to show the degree of brain’s tension in chronological order after a user solves about 10 arithmetical problems (addition, multiplication, etc) shown on the screen of a mobile phone
(3) a game application to move a video game character to an intended place as quickly as possible on the screen of a mobile phone. The more the degree of brain’s concentration, the more quickly the character moves.

You can read the full story over here !


SIC! BT-Watch : Get your Sony Ericsson MBW-100 and MBW-150 to work with YOUR Symbian S60 phone !

That’s right ! Nokia and Samsung Smartphones can now be connected with Sony Ericsson Watches!

The Bluetooth-watches MBW-100 and MBW-150 rank among the most popular accessories by Sony Ericsson for mobile phones. Naturally, they can only be used in combination with Sony Ericsson mobile phones – until now!

SIC! Software GmbH, a Germany-based specialist for mobile phones, has developed a software which provides the same features for S60 Smartphones by Nokia and Samsung that can originally only be used by Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

Incoming calls, text messages, e-mail, calendar and alarm clock – you can now control everything at your wrist!

This video shows how the Sony Ericsson Watch MBW-150 works in combination with the brand new Nokia E71.

The software SIC! BT-Watch support every S60 3rd Edition mobile phone by Nokia and Samsung.

Download it!

Psiloc Introducing DRM Common Solutions 3.0

Like Jukub Lipinski from Psiloc said : We have been working hard on the 3rd major release of the common library used by all Psiloc (and some third-party) applications. DRM Common Solutions 3.0 introduces some new features I would like to describe further:

– The newest version of the library is more stable and error-proof. We have gathered the feedback from our end-users and simplified the User Interface displayed after pressing License button in the main application view. All the options are divided into functional groups and are accessible much faster
– We have introduced a feedback mechanism which allows us to collect anonymous data about the behaviour of Psiloc applications. This data can contain information on frequency of usage of particular features or the descriptions of the problems encountered. The data is sent to us and thanks to your help we can develop better applications. The participation in the Quality Feedback is voluntary and is OFF by default
– We have redesigned our loyalty program. Psiloc Cash allows you to get a free license for Psiloc applications either by spreading the word about our applications among your friends or by helping us to develop better applications by turning the Quality Feedback ON
– The latest version of the library takes advantage of the solution for lack of the SISSYSTEM parameter in Symbian 9 PKG. Now, when you uninstall any of Psiloc application, other will still work and you don’t have to reinstall them.
– DRM Common Solutions 3.0 is incompatible with the previous versions. For you it means that if you upgrade any of the applications to a version containing the new Commom Solutions (which is recommended), you also need to update all other Psiloc applications. You might also need to restart you phone after upgrade And here is the rest of it.

Nokia and Microsoft to deliver Windows Live services to millions of mobile customers !

Did you remember my last post about WLM? so it’s now officially released by Nokia but the bad news is that the service will be available as a free trial and then customers in select markets wishing to continue using the service may be asked to pay a monthly fee. You can also read this news about Microsoft Windows Live services on Nokia Handsets.

Epocware Save Antony Pranata !

It remembers me Slipknot save Metallica at Download! 🙂 if you remember my last post about Screenshot 2.80 signed!! it’s confirmed officially now by Antony

And guess what!? Epocware helped him to sign the application…you can read the full story here!

Big up epocware and antony 😉

No Further Development of Screenshot for Symbian OS!

Anthony Pranata annouced : that there will be no further development of Screenshot for Symbian OS. What is the reason behind his decision? jump over his blog to read the full story!

Google requests removal of Google Maps support from MGMaps !

Cristian Streng the developer of Mobile GMaps has received a letter from google to stop displaying maps tiles from Google Maps for mobile in his own application, as this violates their rights and the rights of the entities that license those map tiles to them…
Jump over the full story! to see the original copy of the letter…