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[UPDATE] Resco News v1.23.01

Resco News has got a minor update v1.23.01 in wich, The sis file certificate was Updated (previous certificate expired and system refused to install sis file with error “Certificate expired”)

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[UPDATE] QuickWrite v2.50

QuickWrite by mobisystems is a good tool that predicts the word you are typing, using a predefined spelling dictionary, so, you can reduce the typing time several times and increase the writing accuracy on your S60 phone, this new version was Optimized to support E61, E61i and E90 models, and also Optimized to support Qwerty keyboard.

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Phone Alone : Access your phone remotely using ordinary phones!

Phone Alone by mobisophy uses interactive voice menus to divert calls, record and check voicemails, get back contacts and lock your phone… Remotely!

When you arrive office, but find your mobile is not with you. What’s your reaction? Many friend can not reach you,and you can not find contact information that is stored on your phone at home, in the car or someother place. You feel you are isolated with your world.

“Phone Alone” is an innovative application which helps people get control of their mobile, no matter where it is.It gives you the ability to remotely direct your mobile to divert calls, record voicemails, check voicemails, lock your mobile, even get back contects. Remote control options are oresentedby’voice menus’, all you need is to call to your mobile phone using ordinary telephones!

–> Demonstration!

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NB : more info in the official site 😉

Mobiola Microphone

It’s time for warelex now! new application called Mobiola Microphone enables to use your mobile phone like a high quality Bluetooth microphone for your PC!!! Use it with Skype, Yahoo, IM and many other applications.

Main Functionality

Turns mobile phone into a high quality microphone for PC
Connects over Bluetooth or USB
Audio driver is compatible with all major microphone using applications

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NB : Trial version limits single connections to 5 minutes and has 7 days and it’s Compatible with Windows Vista.

[UPDATE] Handy Blacklist 2.00

It seems that the amazing Handy Blacklist by epocware, has got a major update v2.00 ! but what’s new on this update? i’ll test it later and get you in touch 😉

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Psiloc PhoneGuard v1.01

And yes, another rival psiloc’s application between Advanced Device Locks and Phone Guardian, simply, it is about the new PhoneGuard, it protects with password all applications you predefine against unwanted usage.

Application also doesn’t allow any user to install nor uninstall anything on the device unless providing the correct password (Default password is 1111)!

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Handy Profiles : Best profile switcher on the market?

This time it’s from Epocware! one of my favorite developer by the way…

this is still on beta stage.

Major features:

– Profile switching by time schedule
– Profile switching by Calendar appointments (via keyword)
– Profile switching by location (via GSM cells)
– Timed profile activation
– Personalization (a la standard Profiles)
– Safety! Offline profile will never be turned off automatically

But is Handy Profiles the Best profile switcher on the market? i’ll try to answer to this in my next review soon…but i can tell you that the feature i like the most is profile switching by location, that what i missed in Best Profiles…i’ll remind you that SmartProfile included also this great feature but i stopped using it because I got so many false activations/deactivations that I couldn’t rely on it, the particularity of Handy Profiles is that it has 10 seconds delay protection from “fake” cell switching. It means that if a fake cell appears, but then goes off during 10 seconds, then it will be ignored. There won’t be profile switchig in such case.

In the past i asked myself about priority for Rules but didn’t test it, If for example we have overlapping location and calendar rules (shouldn’t happen I know) then what happens? Should at least be a warning? the good news is If some rules are overlapping, they activate one by one at their activation times. There is a kind of virtual stack of rules. The top rule (last activated) is always active.

What i miss till now is that Handy Profiles needs more flexibility for working with GSM cells i.e adding new cells to an existing location and ability for editing location cells.

Also, (and for that reason i’ll say that it’s not the complete solution on the market) Handy Profiles need some more features (by comparing it with best profiles), not just switching proifles but also turn on/off Bluetooth, WiFi, start apps, … in other words, we need Advanced profile settings and by that, Handy Profiles will become the best solution in the market…;)

Br, Andrey from Epocware, said :

Unfortunately, the above changes requires lots of time to be done in version 1.0. They are scheduled to version 1.01.

1. Handy Profiles ver 1.0 to be released this week. There is one more change that we will make comparing to the current version. The location rules will get lower priority than time- or Calendar-based rules. There are several reasons for that. One of them is that manually scheduled rule (e.g. meeting from Calendar) must overcome a “random” location rule (e.g. office location).

2. There is one more BIG thing to be released in a few weeks (really cannot say anthing right now). And we are plannig a big/long public beta testing for it (not short like this one). There you will be able not only suggest, but also get the required feature.

Please feel free to test it, and comment to this post if you’ve some bugs or suggestions 😉

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