S60 sphere !

Is what your symbian need !

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Epocware Save Antony Pranata !

It remembers me Slipknot save Metallica at Download! 🙂 if you remember my last post about Screenshot 2.80 signed!! it’s confirmed officially now by Antony

And guess what!? Epocware helped him to sign the application…you can read the full story here!

Big up epocware and antony 😉


Screenshot 2.80 Signed !!

Did you remember my last post about Screenshot from Anthony Pranata? well, i’ll remind you that the latest official signed version of Screenshot is 2.60 (2.70, 2.71 and 2.80 are unsigned ones)… curiously i managed to find a signed 2.80 version! I don’t know if it’s official or not, anyway, in the official site of antony, there is no news about that 😉

Download it!