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Nokia Conversation v1.0

Conversation is a messaging application that allows you to follow your conversations, organized by individual contacts. In addition, the application provides an easy way for replying to messages, and to continue the conversations.

After installation, the application will appear in your device as an application shortcut, and as a new tab in your Contacts application.

Download it!


Nokia and Microsoft to deliver Windows Live services to millions of mobile customers !

Did you remember my last post about WLM? so it’s now officially released by Nokia but the bad news is that the service will be available as a free trial and then customers in select markets wishing to continue using the service may be asked to pay a monthly fee. You can also read this news about Microsoft Windows Live services on Nokia Handsets.

[UPDATE] Windows Live Messenger v1.1.8161

New version for Windows live messenger (english) with supported Windows Live Spaces plugin!all you have to do is to install dep.sisx, the main client and finally the share online client (updated and configured for msn)

NB : It’s for Symbian OS 9.2 devices, to work properly on N71, N73, N80, etc here are the files but it’s V1.0.861 and not V1.1.861 (dep + main client + share online plugin)