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Nokia and Microsoft to deliver Windows Live services to millions of mobile customers !

Did you remember my last post about WLM? so it’s now officially released by Nokia but the bad news is that the service will be available as a free trial and then customers in select markets wishing to continue using the service may be asked to pay a monthly fee. You can also read this news about Microsoft Windows Live services on Nokia Handsets.


[UPDATE] Windows Live Messenger v1.1.8161

New version for Windows live messenger (english) with supported Windows Live Spaces plugin!all you have to do is to install dep.sisx, the main client and finally the share online client (updated and configured for msn)

NB : It’s for Symbian OS 9.2 devices, to work properly on N71, N73, N80, etc here are the files but it’s V1.0.861 and not V1.1.861 (dep + main client + share online plugin)

[UPDATE] Resco News v1.23.01

Resco News has got a minor update v1.23.01 in wich, The sis file certificate was Updated (previous certificate expired and system refused to install sis file with error “Certificate expired”)

Download it!

[UPDATE] QuickWrite v2.50

QuickWrite by mobisystems is a good tool that predicts the word you are typing, using a predefined spelling dictionary, so, you can reduce the typing time several times and increase the writing accuracy on your S60 phone, this new version was Optimized to support E61, E61i and E90 models, and also Optimized to support Qwerty keyboard.

Download it!

Epocware Save Antony Pranata !

It remembers me Slipknot save Metallica at Download! 🙂 if you remember my last post about Screenshot 2.80 signed!! it’s confirmed officially now by Antony

And guess what!? Epocware helped him to sign the application…you can read the full story here!

Big up epocware and antony 😉

Phone Alone : Access your phone remotely using ordinary phones!

Phone Alone by mobisophy uses interactive voice menus to divert calls, record and check voicemails, get back contacts and lock your phone… Remotely!

When you arrive office, but find your mobile is not with you. What’s your reaction? Many friend can not reach you,and you can not find contact information that is stored on your phone at home, in the car or someother place. You feel you are isolated with your world.

“Phone Alone” is an innovative application which helps people get control of their mobile, no matter where it is.It gives you the ability to remotely direct your mobile to divert calls, record voicemails, check voicemails, lock your mobile, even get back contects. Remote control options are oresentedby’voice menus’, all you need is to call to your mobile phone using ordinary telephones!

–> Demonstration!

Download it!

NB : more info in the official site 😉

Screenshot 2.80 Signed !!

Did you remember my last post about Screenshot from Anthony Pranata? well, i’ll remind you that the latest official signed version of Screenshot is 2.60 (2.70, 2.71 and 2.80 are unsigned ones)… curiously i managed to find a signed 2.80 version! I don’t know if it’s official or not, anyway, in the official site of antony, there is no news about that 😉

Download it!