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Nokia 5800 previewed by MR !

A nice and interesting preview of the upcoming music-minded phone, the Nokia 5800 has been published by Eldar from MR :

“…Since the 5800 is a music-minded phone, Nokia have decided to equip it with a decent speakerphone mode – two stereo-speakers are housed on either side of the phone and everyone could check out how loud they actually were in the demo-zone. As Nokia claims, the 5800 is the market’s loudest phone and all empirical tests confirm that in this department it’s second to none. You’ll be surprised by the size of its loudspeaker holes, knowing what kind of volume they output – the 5800 rocked so loud that its ring tones were more than audible even inside a busy night club…”

“…The 5800 XpressMusic comes preinstalled with a generic S60 music player – no breakthroughs here, however it running on a touch-sensitive screen made the whole experience a bit better…”

You can read the full story over here !


Brain-controlled N95 8GB, Demonstrated By NeuroSky !

NeuroSky Inc, a venture company based in San Jose, Calif, prototyped a system that reads brain waves with a sensor and uses them for mobile phone applications !

By reading brain waves such as α and β waves, the system can roughly measure the degrees of brain’s relaxation and concentration, NeuroSky said. The data of brain waves can be displayed on the screen of a mobile phone by using a visualizer or can be used to control the movement of a video game character.

The demonstrated applications include:
(1) an application to show the degree of brain’s relaxation on the screen of a mobile phone by using a visualizer
(2) an application to show the degree of brain’s tension in chronological order after a user solves about 10 arithmetical problems (addition, multiplication, etc) shown on the screen of a mobile phone
(3) a game application to move a video game character to an intended place as quickly as possible on the screen of a mobile phone. The more the degree of brain’s concentration, the more quickly the character moves.

You can read the full story over here !

New Pictures of The Nokia E75 !

Check this out !

Source : nokiamania

SIC! BT-Watch : Get your Sony Ericsson MBW-100 and MBW-150 to work with YOUR Symbian S60 phone !

That’s right ! Nokia and Samsung Smartphones can now be connected with Sony Ericsson Watches!

The Bluetooth-watches MBW-100 and MBW-150 rank among the most popular accessories by Sony Ericsson for mobile phones. Naturally, they can only be used in combination with Sony Ericsson mobile phones – until now!

SIC! Software GmbH, a Germany-based specialist for mobile phones, has developed a software which provides the same features for S60 Smartphones by Nokia and Samsung that can originally only be used by Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

Incoming calls, text messages, e-mail, calendar and alarm clock – you can now control everything at your wrist!

This video shows how the Sony Ericsson Watch MBW-150 works in combination with the brand new Nokia E71.

The software SIC! BT-Watch support every S60 3rd Edition mobile phone by Nokia and Samsung.

Download it!

ForecaWeather : Another “good” weather Software !

A several months ago, Foreca (one of popular weather forecaster on the web) has released ForecaWeather as a Symbian application, which provides current conditions, 10 day weather forecasts and various weather animations for any location world-wide ! anyway i’ll reintroduce it because i see that people still don’t know much about it !

With ForecaWeather, you can choose from over 140.000 hand picked locations or you can retrieve forecasts for your current location using your phone’s GPS. You can also use the Landmarks in your phone or you can enter a new location by coordinates. and the most interesting feature is that ForecaWeather lets you display a 10-day forecast in your phone’s calendar as memos.

It features the following Foreca mobile produts:

– Current conditions
– Detailed forecast with 6h time-steps
– Long 10 day forecast
– Weather radar (North Europe and USA)
– Temperature forecast map
– Precipitation forecast map
– Symbol map
– Wind forecast map
– Cloudiness forecast map
– Satellite images
NB : Graphical products are available as still images and animations.

Download it!

Handy Alarm Pro : Another step forward from Handy Alarm!

Well, yesterday, Epocware (yes again) announced their next application upgrade, the new Handy Alarm Pro! We all know Handy Alarm as classical alarm application (classical because most of latest nokia devices offer a “complete” alarm solution), so, a nice move was made by Epocware by releasing the first beta of HAPro. Why?

Because the application includes new features like :

1.Reminders view

  • Voice notes
  • Scheduled call
  • SMS reminder

2. New alarm types
3. Improved settings
4. Integration with Handy Shell

In this mini review i’ll focus on Reminders view/Feature :

Lately, Epocware is coming up with some good ideas…this feature enable you to add alarms and insert (from) a range of things (no, this is not like Active Notes)… by pressing “new reminder“,  a popup displays 5 choices :

– Simple : To creat a simple reminder (time, date, text <where you can add a note>)

Contact : To add a reminder for a contact from your contact list (also you can add a note) :

So, for example, we can call or sms directly the contact :

Phone Number : same as above, enables you to add reminder for a number that doesn’t exist in your contact list.

Voice note : Another interesting feature, it enables you to record a voice note instead of text note which is faster and more productive !

Only *.amr extension is supported (for the moment), well, this is not a big problem i guess…

From SMS : somebody sent you a message that contains something important? or simply you’d like to make reminder note from this message? no Problem, “from sms” feature can do this !

Note : before each alarm, the screen lights up a few seconds (bug or feature?) 😉

–> The last thing i’ll cover in this mini review is the integration with Handy Shell, it means that you can use HAP as your default alarm application when using HS !

What i don’t like :

– Alarm is not working when phone is off, because, technically it’s restricted by Nokia 😦

Download it !

NB : The app is still on its early beta so stay tuned !

Nokia E75 and E72 leaked !?

Nokia announced … without wanting it :p two mobile not yet known. The E72 and E75.

Apparently the E75 is a QWERTY slider and E72 is a QWERTY candybar ! (referring to the video below)

E72 would get a tough time competing with AT&T’s upcoming BlackBerry Bold though, the carrier’s first 3G enabled BlackBerry…

Source : Ramalhoblog

Stay tuned !

Update : The video is no longer available on youtube due to a copyright claim by Nokia Corporation, updated with new link from google video